Peru 1: Cuzco

Waking, the team was given their first task and set out to explore the city of Cuzco. This former capital of the ancient Inca Empire is located at 3800m above sea level and is the major base for exploring the Sacred Valley. The Team’s tasks for this leg were to sample local restaurants, explore shops and markets for handicrafts and jugos, and to find an ethical Inca Trek company to book with to complete the major task for this leg of the race.

Plaza Del Armas Peruvian Segway for the win!

Unfortunately whilst completing the delicious alpaca steak challenge, Simon contracted a stomach bug.  This caused the team to be delayed 3 days whilst Simon recovered.  During this time Ang was able to find a suitable Inka Trail provider and used her charm to negotiate a good price on a last minute booking.

Once Simon had recovered, and prior to the start of their trek, the team managed to complete one small day trip challenge to the nearby Pueblo of Pisac.  They also witnessed and briefly took part in one of the many festivals that occur in Cuzco each year with a small dance performance.

Dancers as part of Corpus of San Cristobal celebrations Dancers shaking it on Don Bosco
Second wave included guys ‘suffering from yellow fever’ Then drunks
Finally there was weighty San Cristobal himself (carried by a bunch of dudes)
Valley of corn, Pisac Snakes on a drain!

Whilst Simon did not enjoy the time in bed with the stomach bug, it did give the team valuable time to acclimatise to the high altitude and see the best of Cuzco.  This would prove useful in the next phase of this leg of the race.

An Inca wall Two photograph my llama girls

With the Cuzco challenges completed, the team placed their luggage in storage at their hostel and slept, ready for the coming days’ exertions.

…To be continued.


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