About the Team

A pair of regular Australians are off on a grand adventure across the Americas. They have eight ten months to see as much as they can. They have no deadlines, no fixed itinerary or need to be anywhere in particular at any particular time.

They have one goal – fun!  And a second goal to win!

Ang is always positive and loves people and culture.  She lives to travel and likes nothing better than going to a new country to sample some of the delights the world can offer.  She dreams of seeing a tucan in the wild and will walk miles for a good coffe.

Simon is the navigator and technical guy for Team Australia.  He enjoys the physical and mental challenges of travelling through unfamilar lands.  He thinks every country should have plastic money.  He is an ice cream fanatic and his favourite flying animal is the pirate-like frigate bird.

To interact:








For those who don’t like surprises, here is roughly the route they are going to follow:


View Really Big Trip 2011 in a larger map

If you are keen to watch the less exclusive race, check out the Amazing Race wiki to get started.


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  1. I am stunned! Great website!!!! Looking forward to read it at home with Jana!


    J a J

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