Other Exclusive Races

Team Australia – “Cal and Cat’s 7 Continents, 7 Weddings”

Cal and Cat first married in Byron Bay Australia are on a race around the world to renew their vows on every continent. Expect an epic journey from these guys.

www.7continents7weddings.com/ (in English)

Team Australia – “The Geripackers”

Rob and Darian are pair who have embarked on a huge race that is planned to span the better part of a decade. They present an interesting take on the whole backpacking thing (ie you don’t need to be in your ’20s to explore the world.

thegeripackers.blogspot.com.au (in English)

Team America

Gage and Meara are on a five month race around Central America.  They met Team Australia first in Antigua, then again in San Pedro, Guatemala.

theadventuresofgageandmeara.tumblr.com (in English)

Team Belgium

Simon’s exclusive race took in Central America and Colombia.  The Australia team first met Simon in Juayúa, El Salvador, then in Léon, Nicaragua, and again in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica.

www.le-veo.blogspot.com (in Dutch, German, English, Spanish)

Team Argentina

José and Nelia are two Argentinans racing a combie from Mexico through the Americas to home.  Team Australia crossed paths with this team in Granada, Nicaragua.

www.caminosporelmundo.blogspot.com (in Spanish)

Team Norway

Elisbeth and Geir are a team of two from Norway who are living in Nicaragua.  Simon and Ang met this team on Little Corn Island, Nicaragua.

www.updatesfromnicaragua.com (in English)

Team Wales

Gareth (Welsh) and Sarah (not Welsh, but identifies as Welsh when required) are a crazy cycling team of two who are biking their way around Chile and Argentina.  Simon and Ang crossed paths with these guys on the Navimag ferry.

www.garethandsarah.blogspot.com (in English)




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