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Please note that the filming for this season’s Amazing Exclusive Race has been completed.  All challenges provided before May 21, 2012 will be actioned.

Like the real amazing race, the Exclusive Race has all, including audience participation.  If you have a fantastic idea for a challenge, task or detour that you’d like to see the team complete, leave a reply below.

Suggestions must be legal, do-able and fun.


43 thoughts on “Suggest a Challenge

  1. If you want to get your next clue, you’ll have to reach Guadaloupe and find out about Gwada. Don’t forget to tell me who is, what is Gwada. 🙂

  2. I would like to see you take a detour to Cuba and have a mojito. Tough!

    Oh, actually, how about you both go and take a salsa lesson in Cuba too.

  3. Pat a guinea pig in south America, or eat guinea pig for double points.

  4. I challenge you to update your blog quicker. Your KPI is set at;

    “Post update must be within 5 days of departure”.


  5. Hiya!! Whilst in Costa Rica I challenge u to take a photo of a sloth !! Apparently Costa Rica has the highest biodiversity of all the Central American countries. So u should see a three toed sloth 🙂 Ren

  6. How’s the Guinea Pig challenge going? We’re off to the Head of the Yarra tomorrow… which brings to mind a challenge – your challenge – for Simon to take Angela (or for Angela to take Simon) for a row in a leaky boat on a picturesque lake, with some sort of picnic lunch involved. Bonus points if you happen to manage doing it wearing a Panama Hat. Not sure if you are planning a trip to Lake Nicaragua, but that could be a good site for it. Or, perhaps though, you could try it in Panama on the ocean. A nice place to attempt the challenge could be if you could find Calidonia (the old one, I’m guessing it’s so old they didn’t even know how to spell back then). But, I’m just going on the names here – no idea how those places actually look… Good luck on your quest!

  7. I would like to challenge Angela to add her version to the blogg.
    I thought of challenging Angela to travel with a chicken on her lap, but I thought that would be too scary for both parties. xxxxx

      • But I think Angela could write up some of the race through her eyes,that would add another dimension. Is that not a do-able challenge?
        I am enjoying your trip vicariously so much,the effort you put into your blog is much appreciated Simon!

        • Ah, thought you were wanting a duplication of the blog. Challenge accepted – the blog will still be written in third person though.

  8. Simon and Angela, got the email that guinea pig challenge was completed, but you did not say if you patted a guinea pig or licked one. Which was it?

  9. okay no response to the last challenge.. how about this one then.
    If you are still in Brazil I challenge you to get a Brazilion .. ouch !!

  10. Simo, another photographic challenge for you, get a photo of an ant in Antarctica! xx

    • Thank you for your thoughtful challenge. Unfortunately, the budget of the Amazing Exclusive Race is fairly low and the staff available to update limited. Rest assured though, we are working to get the blog up to date as soon as practical 🙂

  11. I challenge u to eat an Easter egg at Easter Islands at Easter time! Happy Easter !!

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