Galapagos 6: North Seymore Island

Previously on the Amazing Exclusive Race, one team of two joined the Eden for a fantastic eight day cruise of the Galapagos Islands.  They spent their final night anchored next to North Seymore Island, surrounded by sharks.

Just before dawn the team woke to the sound of waves gently lapping on the hull.  They had a quick breakfast and jumped into waiting zodiacs for the short trip ashore to the island of North Seymore.  As normal, many sea lions, blue footed boobies and marine iguanas were awaiting their arrival on shore.  The new animal for this island was lots of nesting frigate birds, the pirates of the skies.

On the walking tour of the island, the team was able to spot male frigate birds attempting to attract a mate.  Once they had witnessed this interesting and unique display that occurs year round, the team was given their next clue.

The racers take a moment to rest next to a local Sea lion waiting for the sun to come up
One more time… mega awwwww Male frigate bird looking for a lady
Frigate bird planning the next big heist Female marine iguanas warming up

Returning to the boat, breakfast was had and bags packed.  The Eden motored to the nearby Harbour at Baltra Island where they transferred to zodiacs for a final time and were delivered ashore.  Boarding a bus they travelled back to Baltra airport and said good bye to the departing teams who were flying out that day.  Simon and Ang along with Adam from Team America and Karin from Team Swiss transferred to another bus and were soon crossing the narrow channel between Baltra and Santa Cruz islands on a government run ferry.  A taxi ride later, they were back in Puerto Ayora.

The other teams on the bus to the airport, racing to the next legs of their respective races

Arriving in town the team was given a multiple route choice challenge.  They could either get themselves on another boat or they could do two day trips.  Simon and Ang, having thoroughly enjoyed their time on Eden opted to attempt to get themselves on another boat.  However, there was a small problem as there were few open agencies owing to it being a Sunday.  Asking another friendly Team Australia that raced by them on their way to a taxi, Simon and Ang found out that there was a boat, called the Monserat, leaving in a few hours for a great last minute deal for five days.  Unfortunately the agency they had raced from and booked with was closed for lunch.  Simon and Ang went into three other agencies but were unable to get the phone number of the boat.  This meant they would have to wait until the first agency opened after lunch, leaving them scant minutes to get to the north of the island.

After collecting laundry, the team raced into the agency in contact with the Monserat boat. There, the team rapidly negotiated a $150pp discount on even the special last minute rate, but was unable to negotiate a lower enough fare for the budget the producers had given the team for this leg of the race.  Considering they had one hour to get from Puerto Ayora to the canal and onto the boat, the price was great, but not fantastic enough as they would need to change flights and the itinerary only had two new locations over the five days so, Simon and Ang decided to switch tasks and complete the day tours.  These were rapidly booked for the next two days.

Marine iguana hits the resort pool

Adam from Team America who was on the Eden with Simon and Ang, kindly offered his spare studio apartment for the team to stay in.  Both Ang and Simon were very grateful to Adam and Ruth, his wife, as this great pad allowed them time to organise themselves for the upcoming race challenges.

Casa de Adam y Ruth

That afternoon the team walked to Tortuga bay for a sunset swim and dip.  Dinner that evening was a great lobster dinner at William’s kiosk.  Then the team retired for the night, as the first day trip would commence at 6am

Panorama of a Cacti forest at the end of Tortuga bay
Another of Darwin’s finches Marine iguanas are not the best with directions
Galapagos flowers

…To be continued.


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