Mexico 1: Playa Del Carmen

The main task for this leg of the race was to laze on the beach and relax.  The team set about doing this and were lucky to be hosted by Sandy and Gigi in their awesome condo.  Ang, who had suffered upon arrival from near instant Mexican two step, especially benefited from Sandy and Gigi’s generosity.  While most of the next 4 days were spent doing very little other then enjoying the beach and their host’s company, there were challenges to complete.

Lazy Playa, Ang pre two step

Andrew had provided a challenge for this leg of the race – locate and visit Señor Frogs for a drink. The team rinsed off under the provided shower and ordered a banana piña colada and some nachos.  They enjoyed the cheesy entertainment and finished their meal and drinks.  Having completed the challenge, team received their next clue.

We found the Frog Worst lunch but best colada
Da beach
Playa panorama

Once Ang had recovered enough, the team set off to explore Chichen Itza.  This famous ancient Maya landmark had recently been called one of the new wonders of the ancient world and is located a three hour bus ride from Playa.  The team set off before dawn by bus to beat the package tours.

No one wants to sell at 6am
Standard pyramid shot Another shot of the pyramid
Iguana Mayan skull decal
Mayan planet-air-terrium

Arriving at the Chichen site, the team commenced exploring.  They had arrived earlier than even some of the hundreds of vendors and so had most of the site to themselves.  They explored all the areas and even had time to complete a survey for some Mexican high school students.

Later, back in Playa, the team, along with Sandy and Gigi, completed the ‘eat a whole grouper fish’ food challenge.  With dinner finished, the team received their next clue.

Racing resumes shortly…

…to be continued.


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