Puerto Rico 1: San Yuan

With only limited time in Puerto Rico, the team commenced their exploration of Old San Juan on foot.  They toured the town and visited the major fortifications that were the oldest Spanish constructed in the Caribbean.

Old town street Old town fort
Old town doors
Panorama looking south over old town

After getting information on local nearby attractions, the team hired a car and headed east.  Unfortunately they were unable to secure passage to Playa Flamingo on Culebra Island as the ferry was not operating and flight schedules were not achievable.

Instead, the team visited first the national park of Yunque where they successfully climbed to the summit of Mt Britton.  After completing this task, the team headed back north to Laquillo beach before they continued to the most north easterly point of mainland Puerto Rico, and swam at Seven Seas Beach.

Lizard in Yunque Just like a dinosaur
Lizard close up Gross snail
Laquillo beach In case you didn’t know where you were

The final challenge was to return to old San Juan and avoid all toll roads.  The team was able to successfully achieve this and once again went to sleep for a few hours before their flight to Mexico.

Plaza Las Americas

Returning the car prior to the car hire office opening, the team checked their bags in, then returned to pay for the hire in cash, despite protests from the customer service lady.  They then raced back on foot back to the departures terminal where they boarded their flight to Mexico.

Transiting via Miami, the team arrived in at Cancún, Mexico.  There they met Sandy and boarded an ADO bus to Playa Del Carmen, the pit stop for this leg of the race.