El Salvador 1: Juayúa to El Zonte

Receiving their next clue before check out, the team was required to make their way as fast as possible to the surfing town of El Zonte.  As this was the second day of celebrations for the day of the dead, the team knew there may be difficulties with transport, and in particular seating on chicken buses.  Because of this, they left the pit stop quickly and were joined on their journey by a Team Belgium.  The first chicken bus for the day was the number 249 to Sonsonate.  The team was entertained by a range of vendors, performers and pharmaceutical sales people as the bus made its way through the last section of the Ruta De Las Flores.

Ang hits the road in Juayúa

Arriving in Sonsonate, the team changed to the chicken bus going to Los Cóbanos.  Whilst waiting for this bus to leave, they met Kym and Edgar, a nice American/El Salvadorian couple who the team had lunch with at Los Cóbanos.  While this beach was nice, this was not the pit stop for this leg of the race, so later that afternoon after beers and fresh fish with Kym and Edgar, the team boarded the next bus, a mini bus that took them back towards Sonsonate.

Leaving Sonsonate, Simon decided that every chicken bus should have a spoiler Los Cóbanos beach and locals drying their washing
El Mariachi provides some lunch time entertainment Lunch time challenge complete, racing resumes

Mistakenly thinking this was a direct bus to their final destination, Simon and Ang started to relax, however, they were soon deposited at the road junction between CA-12 and CA-2.  There they waited 10 minutes before boarding the next chicken bus of this leg to Playa Mizata.  It was at this point that due to either the need to entertain surfers or that the buses were privately owned meant that the quality of chicken buses increased.  The increase was solely through improved sound systems and lighting.  The chicken bus for this stretch had neon lights and a blue flashing light that came on whenever the bus braked, and a subwoofer that possibly was nuclear powered.  Simon christened this chicken bus the ‘disco party chicken bus’.

Arriving at the tiny town of Mizata, the team waited for another 10 minutes before they jumped onto back of the final bus for this day, a disco neon doof doof party chicken bus to Playa El Zonte.  The road at this hugged the coast line, which made for a spectacular and exciting drive.  Ang particularly enjoyed the glimpses of beaches she got as the bus sped into the early evening.

Racing into El Zonte, the team jumped out of the back of the bus and ran down the hill towards the ocean.  There they were able to locate accommodation, a locally run guest house, Esencia Nativa where they out duded an El Salvadorian surfer dude by not knowing the day of the week.  Completing this final task, the team checked into the pit stop for this leg of the race.

El Zonte beach
Next day breakfast Pool and surf watch tower
Sleeping to the left, surfing to the right

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