Guatemala 4: Earth Lodge

As a reward for their first place in the previous leg, Team Australia was rewarded with four days and three nights at Earth Lodge (three nights for the price of two).  Earth Lodge is a relaxed accommodation located 5km from Antigua, in the hills over the town.  The Lodge has a positive effect on the surrounding community, providing support to a nearby school and is staffed by a mix of local people and foreign volunteers.  The views from Lodge are spectacular and take in three nearby volcanoes, Volcán de Agua, Acatenango and Fuego.

Earth Lodge from the small village of El Hato Pilar (public washing facility) near the entry to Earth Lodge
The main lodge

The team took full advantage of this rest period by enjoying their tree themed accommodation that included a cabin built in a tree and for the last two nights, the deluxe tree cabin with a tree growing through it.

The tree house Ang looking out the window
View from the tree house
View from the tree house bed Inside the tree house

In the day they relaxed and enjoyed the view.  In the evening, they watched the volcano Fuego erupt and enjoyed the fantastic food and cocktails provided by the Lodge.  Not being huge relaxation types, they did a half day trip back to Antigua one day, and a two hour hike around the local area on the following day.  They also enjoyed a concert and BBQ that the Lodge had organised to celebrate the end of the rainy season.

Sunset eruption
Volcán panorama
Fuego 1 Fuego 2 Fuego 3 Fuego 4
Fuego erupts again And again
Dog and dos volcán
Colonial security Volcán de Agua
Market football field
Chicken bus Horse and Marque
The most understated McDonald’s in the whole world Antigua looking north from Parque Central
Antigua’s public pilar
Volcanoes and corn Carrying firewood through corn
Ang enjoys an afternoon beverage Simon also enjoys a beverage while the band plays
Inside the Lodge during happy hour Lizard by the window

Soon, racing would recommence…


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