Cuba Part 3: Trinidad to Varadero

With only a limited time in Cuba, the team set off to the Viazul bus station via taxi.  There they boarded a bus heading south to Trinidad on what would soon become a grocery run.  At each opportunity, the two drivers would stop the bus and one would disappear into a house only to return with the desired items.  These would range from breads through to single avocados. Other than the chance to see the Cuban country side, a highlight of the bus ride for Simon was passing by Australia, Cuba.

Later that day, the team were finally able to arrive at their destination.  There they were met by their booked casa host and after dumping their bags in the casa, they set off to explore the town.  The influence of the Spanish was clear in the cobbled streets and colonial buildings.  That evening, the team enjoyed the Cuban music on offer at the Music cafe and later during dinner at a little restaurant filled with antique furniture.

Old car Trinidad A tractor in Trinidad
We think it is under repair A surprisingly healthy horse
Exceptional value at 1.75 CUC for 500ml Sunset in Cuba’s Caribbean Capital
Classy dinner

The next morning, they were tasked with lazing on a nearby beach.  To reach Playa Acón, the team negotiated a 5km Coco taxi ride.  Coco taxis are a unique Cuban transport that is like a cross between a tuk-tuk and a carnival ride. Arriving at the Playa, the team did little else than swim, walk and eat ice cream until late that afternoon. With this challenge completed, the team returned to Trinidad for dinner and some more music.

Dudes on their velos heading to Playa Acón Towards Trinidad
Cuban crabs are tiny!
Simon enjoying the coco
Cuban dogs are cool Suburban Trinidad
Sitting and watching is a pastime Every house needs a lion on the roof
Warm nights in Trinidad Live music Trinidad style

The next morning the team once again boarded a Viazul bus north to the resort island of Varadero.  Once again this was a grocery run, with several stops being made on the indirect route that included Playa Girón and the Bay of Pigs.  Their scenic route included the hamlet of Australia.  Unfortunately the team were unable to get any photos as their bus raced through on its way to the next foodstuff pickup.

Hasten to battle, men of Bayamo! The motherland looks proudly to you…
The Bay of Pigs Highway to no where
Monument to the velo

Hours after departure, the team arrived in Varadero and were met by their friendly casa host. They set off to complete the main tasks for this town.  In order to receive their next clue, the team needed to laze on the beach some more.  Having gained considerable skill at this type of challenge, the team was easily able to complete this task in the perfect amount of time and were awarded their next clue.

It isn’t the Caribbean, but it’s still very nice More Playa

The next challenge was to walk to the far end of the island or near enough to ‘see what was there’.  The team attempted this late one evening, but after some kms, decided to return to their casa.  The next morning, the team travelled by foot and negotiated cheap tourist bus to the Plaza Los Americas, where they then walked along the beach back to their accommodation in Centro Varadero.

A revolutionary golf course in Cuba
More classic things Un Perro en la Playa

Having completed these two tasks, the team checked into the pit stop for this leg of the race, a bar on the beach that served drinks and snacks.  There they celebrated their first place with fresh swordfish and mojitos, negotiated for 5 CUC each.

Cuban sunset Post check-in walk on the beach

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