Belize 2: Belize City to San Ignacio

Previously on the Amazing Exclusive Race, due to the bad weather, the team was not required to complete the main tasks whilst at Caye Caulker. Instead they boarded a water taxi and raced to Belize City. They were provided with a new clue on the water taxi that required them to leave Belize and head to Guatemala by the fastest way possible.

Arriving in Belize City, they avoided the touts and walked straight to the bus terminal, about 2 kms away. The team were accompanied by team Ireland on this walk. Once they arrived there, they were told conflicting information that seemed to indicate there were no express buses leaving from the station. And they discovered that the cost of a taxi ride to the border was expensive. Remembering there were signs for direct transfers to Flores from the water taxi back at the dock, both Simon and Tarun walked back to the water taxi terminal.

Belize City Marina

Walking back to the dock, without their bags, Simon and Tarun soon arrived at the terminal and found out they had just missed the only shuttle bus for the day. This meant their options were solely local bus or a taxi. They returned to the other team members and given the late hour, decided to pay for a taxi heading west.

The drive was quickly completed with only a few moments of terror in the heavy rain. As the light was quickly fading, the teams decided to take the clue’s suggested option to overnight just before the border in San Ignacio and cross in the morning. The two teams were dropped in the town of San Ignacio where they quickly found accommodation in the Tropicool.

Dat classic from Cantinental Catt… Wah Be Mi Friend?

After returning to main road into town to watch the new bridge go under water, the teams enquired about tours to nearby Cayo attractions. Unfortunately these were closed due to flooding, so the teams headed up the hill in town to check out the view and to have a drink. Returning to the centre of town, the Australian Team had Sri Lankan curry and changed most of their remaining Belize cash into USD.

The road into town… Shopping for breakfast
The view of town

The team retired for the night, to get ready for another day of racing…

… to be continued


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