Canada 4: Montréal

After the optional rest period, the team set out to explore the city. Once again, the team’s preference for walking meant that a lot of kilometres were covered.  Their route included the happiest area of all of Montréal, downtown and the waterfront.

Rusty – Ang likes this Waterfront towards old Montréal
Towards the day spa near the rusty building
Lock and rusty building Old town street

The racers were challenged to prepare two home cooked meals.  The first was a fantastic lamb curry and the second, a little later, was Ang’s thyme, chicken, fetta, tomato and olive dish.  Merryl loved both dishes and presented the team with their next challenge.

Merryl asked the team to help her locate the base of the giant cross whilst completing a walking tour of Parc Royale.  This wild park in the centre of Montréal afforded the team a chance to reconnect with nature whilst observing native Montréalites going about their recreation.  The team successfully located the base of the giant metal cross on top of the highest peak in the park and received their next clue.

Racers and Merryl in Parc Royale

The next challenge was to sample some magnificent ice cream and dos Colombian empanadas.  This was followed by a Cuban salsa concert and of course, more empanadas.  Simon liked Montréal, calling it ‘a really cool city’.

Little ice cream shop in the park Cuban salsa night

Enjoying Montréal and time with Merryl, the team had planned to stay a little longer however they received a Clearway. A team that receives a Clearway must leave their current location as soon as possible.  A Clearway has hours of effect, that usually requires the team to complete their original tasks in a greatly reduced timeframe. The team had to be a little creative in how they would complete their planned tasks within the required timeframe.

Transportation was rapidly booked and the team packed, ready for departure the next morning.


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  1. Loving the blog team, you are planning all my Canadian trips for me 🙂

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