Canada 1: Vancouver

The Vancouver leg of the race commenced with the team hiring bikes and proceeding, along with Alissa, to circumnavigate Stanley Park. Once this had been completed, the team headed in to the internal forest where they came across a racoon. After this sighting, the team climbed to the summit of the highest point in the park where they received their next clue – “survive the annual shuffling migration”.  Zombies!

Vancouver skyline The Beach
Tour de Stanley Park Surprisingly not glued
Racoon! Three dogs!

Knowing zombies prefer commercial centres, in particular flat shopping streets, they proceeded back towards the centre of the city.  There they rendezvoused with an advanced party of zombie hunters that were running ahead of the horde.  Soon, the team was engulfed in the thousands of undead.  Simon remarked that “you could smell the fake blood long before you actually saw the fake horror” and commenced taking photos.  The team battled their way through and survived.  They received their next clue and were soon on their way.

Zombie rights

Collecting a hire car early on the Sunday morning, the team, along with Nathan, Sarah and Alissa, drove north toward the Chef.  There they were joined by Shelly.  The challenge was to climb the Chef and eat cherries once on top.  The climb was at times steep, but relatively easy, until they had to make use of chains.  Soon, the team, along with the other Australian types, had reached the top.  Both Simon and Ang were impressed with the scene, with Ang equating to Norway.  Many cherries were sampled.

Racers on the Chef with Shelly Racers on the Chef with Alissa
Ang getting ready to go back down

Completing the hike, the team dropped the festival goers at Live at Squamish and continued to Whistler.  There the team spent the afternoon experiencing the resort town vibe by first spying a brown bear, then eating lupper (lunch and supper) before watching Barenaked Ladies perform.  As the Whistler challenge was now complete, the team headed to a conveniently located fast food car park and waited for the festival goers to emerge from the woods.  This wait was accompanied by the sounds of Major Lazer, last heard in San Fran.

Waiting for the Barenakeds to start Olympic seating
Cow hugger!

Back to Vancouver they headed and the team enjoyed a rest day.  The race recommenced the next day with the team boarding a flight to Calgary.

After 10pm late night op shopping

… to be continued.


4 thoughts on “Canada 1: Vancouver

  1. Love that photo of us at the top of the Chief
    So glad you dropped by Vancouver, miss you heaps and hope you are having an amazing time!

  2. You guys rock! McIntosh Crew will be following your adventures. Now to think of a challenge. Might ask Finn…… It’ll have something to do with a NERF gun for sure

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