Prologue: And they are racing!

The race is on.  Ang and Simon finished up work for the rest of 2011 and headed to the race start line, the Cicada bar. Pre-race festivities commenced with work colleagues joining the team in their race warm up.

After a few hours, the host of the Amazing Exclusive Race, Lindsay, called the contestants to the start line.  The excitement was palatable and the crowd pumped.

Then they were off!  First challenge was finding the ‘man with the button hole flower’, this was followed by a series of challenging tasks including the first detour of the race and a rather difficult road block involving sampling red wine.

Idenifying the wine Chips and sauce

The final task of the leg was to locate a ‘suspicious person’ somewhere near the bar. The team had some difficulty locating this cleverly disguised person (strangely not Greg), but eventually managed to gain the final clue that directed them to the finishing mat.

Host Lindsay and finishing mat

Successfully completing this leg, Ang and Simon gained a well-earned rest.

To the airport!

The world awaits..


2 thoughts on “Prologue: And they are racing!

  1. So would have loved to wave you off at the airport!
    Happy Travels Dear Ones
    Love you so much xxxxxxxxxxxx

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